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About The Law Firm of Howard Williams

lawyersThe Law Firm of Howard Williams separates itself from other top firms with a “clients first” approach. We strive to achieve the largest recovery possible to make our clients whole again. We have over 50 years combined legal experience which helps us navigate through issues that arise in the process of negotiation and litigation. We believe in delivering the top quality legal representation that is guaranteed under the U.S. constitution. There are never any up-front fees to pay and most cases are handled on a contingency basis- so we don’t get paid until you do!

It was in his early years of practice that Howard Williams noticed a need for compassion and a client’s first approach in the legal field. Howard founded The Law Firm of Howard Williams on the belief that he can make a difference in people’s lives by giving them the help they need. He works with many other attorneys to exchange professional advice and discuss various ways cases can be pursued. He continues to attend legal workshops to remain on the forefront of innovation and give his clients cases’ the cutting edge in trial. Howard is well respected and admired in the legal community for taking on challenges and cases that appear to be difficult or impossible to win. Currently, as a member of the ABA, SDCBA, NACBA, CASD, Lawyers Club, and Earl B. Gilliam Association, Howard has recovered over $1 million dollars in settlements because he is not afraid to take on the big insurance companies when seeking fair compensation for the injured. We pride ourselves in being bold, innovative, and unafraid to take on difficult cases. We understand the intricacies of each individual case, courthouse, and trial, which help us stay on top.

We put “Clients First” in action every day

At The Law Firm of Howard Williams we meet our client’s every need -from the time immediately following an accident until the case has settled and recovery has been paid out. We stand beside our clients throughout the entire process:

  • Medical Treatment: Our team will immediately take over all communications with insurance companies. We then focus on finding doctors in your area so you can receive a diagnosis and treatment with little to no upfront cost. We have relationships with dozens of medical providers in the area to help get our clients the care they need to recover. We follow up with our clients and their doctors throughout the treatment process to collect progress reports and make sure each client is on their way to recovery. Once medical treatment is complete and maximum medical recovery is made we assemble all records and send out a demand package to the insurance company.
  • Negotiations: Dealing with at-fault insurance companies during the negotiations process can be a difficult and strenuous task. This is where our decades of experience come into play. We handle all of the negotiations with insurance companies to ensure our clients get the recovery they deserve. After medical treatment has finished and the demand package sent out, we contact adjusters frequently to follow up on offers and provide support on your behalf. We communicate each and every offer we receive from the insurance companies to our clients immediately. Though we will provide advice and make recommendations to our clients in the process, it is ultimately up to the client to decide when they want to settle or if they want to move on to litigation. Unlike other firms we are not afraid to take a case to trial in order to get what a client deserves. Throughout the entire process we collect no payment until our clients recover- no recovery, no fee!
  • Litigation: The attorneys at the Law Firm of Howard Williams have decades of trial experience standing up to insurance companies and fighting cases through the court
    system. Each and every attorney has experience with the individual courts around San Diego and San Diego County. This experience gives us the upper hand in trial. Although most cases settle before trial, if we cannot settle a case for a fair amount before trial or arbitration begins we are ready to fight on your behalf.

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Some of Howard’s Most Rewarding Cases

  • A 60 year old pedestrian was struck by a vehicle while crossing an intersection. For months the insurance company denied liability in the accident and offered nothing to compensate damages. After just one month handling the case, Howard Williams was able to recover $25,000.00 to help the victim pay off medical expenses and recover.
  • A 21 year old motorist was struck at high speed in an intersection. He was left with permanent brain injuries and broke multiple bones. At first the insurance companies only accepted 15% liability. However after just 5 months the Legal Team at the Law Firm of Howard Williams recovered $250,000.00 for our client.
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