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Motor Vehicle Accidents

San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

The attorneys at The Law Firm of Howard Williams are here to help you if you have been in any type of motor vehicle accident. Whether it is a motorcycle accident, truck accident, SUV rollover accident, car accident, hit and run or any other type of accident in San Diego, our dedicated team of attorneys will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation (858) 654 – 0407.

San Diego Truck Collision Attorneys

Any automobile accident including truck collisions, motorcycle accidents or car crashes affect many aspects of your life such as your: health, family, career, finances and your state of mind. At The Law Firm of Howard Williams, as soon as you inform us of your accident we’ll start the process of investigating your case and file the necessary accident injury claims to get you the compensation you deserve.

However, this is just the beginning. Our personal injury law firm caters to the unique needs of each and every case. Our attorneys will work with you to determine what is needed to get your life back to normal. Some of our resources include, but are not limited to: economists, doctors, life planners, case managers, vocational counselors and psychological counselors.

With years of qualified experience in personal injury law, our lawyers have created many resources that can help our clients recover and return to their normal lives. We offer our assistance to anyone, regardless of who you are or the circumstances of your case. Contact us now for a free consultation with an attorney to discuss your accident and options.

Recovering From a Car Accidents in San Diego

The Law Firm of Howard Williams has helped many people who have been injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents. Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers provide the absolute best legal representation for our clients. We give each case the attention it deserves, because we don’t get paid until you win!

Our San Diego car accident lawyers handle all types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Bucket truck and cherry picker accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Uninsured / underinsured motorist accidents
  • Drunk driving / DUI accidents
  • Vehicle defects and SUV rollovers
  • Accident Resources

San Diego Car Accident Attorney

Many cases have become much more complex now due to California auto insurance tort reform. Oftentimes it is difficult to determine who pays for what damage and just how much they’re going to pay out. This is where our expert attorneys can assist. Our San Diego car accident lawyers are highly experienced with the law and will guide your case through the all processes of the insurance system so you don’t have to stress.
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Do I need an attorney?

A personal injury lawyer will build your case, negotiate with the insurance companies, and if even take your case to trial if necessary and work hard to get the best possible verdict.

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Do I need to report the accident?

Yes. First, of course, you may need to call the local police or the CHP. Second, report the accident to your insurance company. Call or go see your agent and ask what forms …

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We strive to be a one-stop source for your legal questions. Get legal answers today about drunk driving, wills, trusts, consumer bankruptcy, car accidents, personal injury and more.


“Howard Williams helped me when I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. The insurance companies had denied all my claims and I felt frustrated, alone and unsure of what to do. I felt overwhelmed and on top of being injured was about to call it quits. Howard Williams helped me straighten out the whole situation and get me the compensation I deserved.”  – Bill E. McGee

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