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Do I need a personal injury attorney?

A qualified personal injury lawyer will successfully build your case, negotiate with the insurance companies, and if even take your case to trial need be. Although you can try to negotiate your claim with the insurance companies yourself, the insurance companies typically will do everything possible to pay you the lowest possible settlement. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to get you the maximum amount for your settlement. Read More..

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We strive to be a one-stop source for your legal questions. Get legal answers today about drunk driving, wills, trusts, consumer bankruptcy, car accidents, personal injury and more. Read More..

Do I have to report the accident?

Yes. First, of course, you may need to call the local police or the CHP. Second, report the accident to your insurance company. Call or go see your agent and ask what forms ... Read More..

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

You are probably visiting our website because you or a loved one has recently been injured as a result of an accident or some sort of negligence and we understand how unpleasant and stressful your situation can be. The personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Howard Williams are here for you to relieve the anxiety and stress of dealing with a personal injury claim, so you can focus on a quick physical and emotional recovery.

It is important that you find a law firm that can answer your questions, tell you your options, and guide you through the legal process during your recovery. Our attorneys strive to provide the highest quality legal representation and service on a personal level to each client. Our personal injury attorneys have successfully handled a broad range of cases, ranging from car accidents to complex defective product cases, and have won claims against some of the biggest insurance companies and corporations in America. Having one of our attorneys on your side is very important to having a successful outcome of your personal injury claim.

We are here for you during this difficult time in your life. Call our group of San Diego personal injury lawyers at 858-654-0407 to speak with an attorney right away.

Why do I need a personal injury attorney?

When you or your loved one suffers from an injury that someone else is responsible for, it would only seem natural that the person would offer to fully compensate you for your injury, or that their insurance company will offer a fair settlement. That is not always the case, unfortunately. Many people do not take responsibility for their actions, and insurance companies often profit from undercompensating injury victims. Insurance companies and the attorneys representing them also know the governing law inside and out, and they know that most people have no idea what legal rights and remedies they have.

A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to build your case, negotiate your case with an insurance company, and if necessary, take your case to trial. While you can negotiate your claim with an insurance company yourself, insurance companies usually will do everything they can to take advantage of you and pay lowest possible settlement, while trying to get statements from you that will damage your position if you do decide to sue.

A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain a favorable settlement that, even after the attorney fees are deducted, significantly exceeds what you could have obtained on your own.

San Diego, California Personal Injury Attorney
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